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Morning Sun Community Center

Morning Sun Community Center

Morning Sun is a great community. Fond memories of both the town, and the people, have influenced me throughout my career in developing homes, neighborhoods, and community centers all around the country. The future Morning Sun Community Center is something we can all be proud of.

Although the building is designed as a "commercial" gathering place, the style is reminiscent of a small town country home. Combined hip and gable roofs, stone, and shingle style siding all work together to enchance this familiar character. Public and private meeting spaces, kitchen and party facilities, and a special art gallery are all combined to provide a truly versatile community facility.

I am proud of Morning Sun, and know you are too. Join us in providing both time and contributions to see this wonderful opportunity become reality.

Doug Buster
Morning Sun
Class of '70
Architect, BSB DESIGN

"The town you live in is no better than your effort to support it."
~Charles Beck